Traffic Control Services

Traffic Control Services

For most large roadway projects, controlling the flow and speed of traffic is essential as a safety precaution.

As a C-31 Construction Zone Traffic Control Licensed Contractor, we offer comprehensive traffic control services – including drafting complete traffic control plans, pulling permits, and setting up and maintaining traffic control equipment on job sites for the safety of all employees and the public.

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Benefits of Choosing AirX for Traffic Control

Unparalleled Expertise

Our team of drafters are experienced and available to draft traffic control plans for your project as needed.

Producing a thorough, well thought out plan can save you money and time by ensuring that the traffic control produced is applicable for the job at hand and a well drawn plan will get you in and out of agency review quickly with little to no changes – this means you are able to begin your project in a timely manner.

Dedication to Safety

Our field technicians team is composed of highly-skilled technicians and work zone flaggers to manage vehicle traffic and maintain a safe work environment for everyone involved.

From simple one-lane flagging operations to extensive highway lane closures, our highly trained traffic control personnel arrive at the work site fully equipped to set up safe, compliant work zones that allow optimal traffic flow for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

How Our Traffic Control Services Work

The purpose of Traffic Control Plans is to provide the necessary guidance for orderly movement of traffic through and around work zones – which minimizes inconvenience to the public while providing safety and accessibility for all road users and workers.

Step 1

Identify Traffic Control Setup

First, we determine what type of traffic control setup is needed; this is typically based upon the size and duration of the construction project.
Our team will define the size and orientation of the work area, and then determine the necessary traffic control setup – i.e. shoulder closures, lane closures, flagging, etc.

Step 2

Street Layout Tracing

Using Google Earth or drone aerial images, we’ll then trace the street layout using AutoCAD software.
Sometimes a site visit may be necessary to gather additional information relevant to the plan.

Step 3

Draft Traffic Control Plan

We’ll add the excavation areas and structures to the plan, along with their predetermined work zones.
Working backward from the work area, we add the appropriate buffer space, tapers, advance warning signs, and additional signage as required by the street’s speed limit concerning local, state, and federal standards.

Step 4

Agency Requirement Review

Agency review; traffic control plans must be submitted to the governing agency having jurisdiction over the project area. We review agency requirements for each location and tailor plans to meet those needs. Our team will submit plans and work with agencies on your behalf so you don’t have to.
Because we are very experienced working with cities, counties and other government agencies such as Caltrans, Railroads, Military and Army Corps of Engineers, ect. You can be assured that we will process your permits as quickly as possible.

Common Projects

Traffic control is typically required in a variety of cases, including potholing, excavation, CCTV and other large construction projects. Managing and controlling the flow of traffic is necessary to avoid potential safety hazards for construction workers, pedestrians, and other vehicles for the duration of the project.


When might traffic control services be required?

Traffic Control Plans are generally required any time work is to be done on or near the roadway, affecting traffic lanes, shoulders, sidewalks, crosswalk parking, or bicycle facilities. The purpose of Traffic Control Plans are to provide guidance and warnings necessary for the orderly and predictable movement of traffic through and around work zones – which minimizes inconvenience to the public while also providing safety and accessibility for all road users and workers.

What does a Traffic Control Plan include?

Traffic Control Plans are typically submitted as part of an Encroachment Permit package, and include permit applications, insurance certificate, site plan, and a written description detailing the operations that will take place.

Why choose AirX for Traffic Control Services?

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality SUE services in California, and take great pride in doing the job right the first time. Plus, our one-stop-shop approach allows clients to utilize services that can be tailored to meet their specific needs.

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