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AirX provides a complete range of underground utility location and mapping services in California with offices in San Marcos, Sacramento, and Ontario.

What are SUE services?

Subsurface Utility Engineering is a branch of engineering that involves the investigation of buried utilities and identifies the conflicts they may pose to a project design in order to mitigate associated risks. Having this information from the start will assure a thorough and competent design, which will make construction easier as the project continues.

Utility Mapping/Locating

A truck with instruments used for utility mapping

Utility Mapping/Locating

Our utility mapping/locating services use high-tech equipment, such as Ground Penetrating Radar/GPR and electromagnetic induction/EMI, to create a detailed map of cables, pipes, and other utilities under the surface of a site.
By verifying existing subsurface infrastructure and managing safe excavation practices, we’re subsequently able to avoid risking any damage to the underground utilities.

Potholing with Hydro & Air Excavation

A man using potholing tools

Potholing with Hydro & Air Excavation

Potholing is the process of digging a test hole to expose underground facilities. We use hydro and air excavation techniques, which are proven to be faster, more efficient, and more productive than conventional equipment.

Utility potholing ensures that all gas, water, and electrical pipes and other utilities remain completely undamaged during construction.

Closed Circuit Television Video (CCTV) Inspections

A pipe entering a hole

Closed Circuit Television Video (CCTV) Inspections

Whether you need a video inspection for storm drains, conduits, sewers, water/gas lines, and other pipelines, our services will cover all your needs. Doing a thorough CCTV inspection will eliminate the worry of causing damage by identifying areas of risk as well as a complete picture of what lies under the surface.

We offer CCTV pipe and sewer video inspections with the newest state-of-the-art technology. Our operators are NASSCO certified.

Traffic Control Management

A vehicle driving by a traffic cone

Traffic Control Management

For most large roadway projects, controlling the flow and speed of traffic is essential as a safety precaution. At AirX, we can draft complete traffic control plans, pull permits, and set up and maintain traffic control equipment on job sites for the safety of all employees and the public.


What Subsurface Utility Engineering services does AirX Utility Surveyors provide?

We provide comprehensive SUE services; including Utility Locating, Potholing with Hydro & Air Excavation, Closed Circuit Television Video (CCTV) Inspections, and Traffic Control.

Why choose AirX for your Subsurface Utility Engineering services?

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality SUE services in California, and take great pride in doing the job right the first time. Plus, our one-stop-shop approach allows clients to utilize services that can be tailored to meet their specific needs.

Who does AirX provide Subsurface Utility Engineering services for?

We work with public and private sectors throughout California; including construction, engineering and design firms, educational facilities, municipalities, military bases, and utility owners.

Where does AirX offer their Subsurface Utility Engineering services?

We proudly offer Subsurface Utility Engineering services in most of Southern and Northern California, including San Diego, the Inland Empire, the Bay Area, and Sacramento. Our headquarters are located in San Marcos, with satellite offices in Ontario and Sacramento.

Why is Subsurface Utility Engineering important to use before starting a project?

Before digging or drilling in an area, it’s important to know exactly what lies beneath the surface — this applies whether the project is commercial, industrial, or residential. Contacting an underground utility locator like AirX is the first step in figuring this out.

Our comprehensive services include utility locating, potholing, CCTV, and traffic control. Each service is crucial for the design planning phase to help prevent additional costs and time delays.

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